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Meet Sara 

Robert’s Cuban heritage has always been a bit of a mystery to him. His grandma, Sara, is from a small village in Cuba called Manzanilla. She never shared much about it until several years ago. After a memorial service for one of her sons, she revealed something surprising. During the Cuban missile crisis she worked on the Guantanamo Naval Base and carried secret messages for the U.S. government into Cuba. She was a spy.

Understandably, the family had a lot of follow up questions. We went to Oklahoma to help them sort out the details and learn exactly what happened. How did Sarah go from being a young spy in Cuba to a wife and great-grandmother living in Muskogee, Oklahoma?

The whole experience was nothing but a joy!
— Robert Brosett
Sarah explains the dangers of passing secret messages.
Sara met her youngest great-grandson for the first time.
Robert explains just how smart his Mia is.
Grandpa Jack serenades us all with Johnny Cash covers
Generations come together and share family traditions that have been passed down over the years.