The Chronicle

Included in this Package:

  • A produced 15-20 minute chronicle audio piece with music and the voice of your loved one telling their story

  • A private web page to easily share the chronicle with family and friends

  • A custom wooden Vox Familia flash drive loaded with your produced piece and all unedited audio from the interview

  • A premium hardbound book containing transcripts of your family members interview as well as up to 10 client contributed photographs and/or documents

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    Travel expenses will be paid by clients who live over 1 hour from Nashville, TN


What is the Chronicle?

When you order the Chronicle, you are getting an intimate, one of a kind, product documenting the story of one or two of your relatives. Have you always loved the story of how your grandparents met, and want to capture it to share with your children? Have you always wanted to ask your grandfather about his experience in the war? The Chronicle is a great way to document one persons story or to capture that one classic family story for future generations. In addition to receiving an audio piece with the voice of your loved one telling their story, you will also receive a hardbound book including transcripts of our interview and up to 10 photographs and/or documents you've chosen to include. Examples of items to include are marriage certificates, photographs of dog tags, ID badges from first jobs, wedding photos, or early family portraits.

Interested in learning about how to crowd-fund your project? Contact info@voxfamilia.net for financial help with The Chronicle.