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Our purpose is to help you honor, discover, and share your family's story through the intimacy of audio—making your family's voice heard today and for generations.


Vox Familia is Latin for "The Voice Of The Family." Latin is a dead language, yet it's the root for many of the words we speak today. Our loved ones will not be around forever, but like Latin is to English, their story is the root for our own. Vox Familia tells your loved one's story in their own voice, aided by professional narration and production. Honor their story, discover things you might not have known, and share their voice with your friends and family today and for years to come.


At Vox Familia, we believe every story matters.

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Meet Sara

Growing up in the midwest, Robert’s Cuban heritage was always a bit of a mystery to him. His grandma, Sara, is from a small village in Cuba called Manzanilla. She never shared much about it until several years ago. After a memorial service for one of her sons, she revealed something surprising. During the Cuban missile crisis she worked on the Guantanamo Naval Base and carried secret messages for the U.S. government into Cuba. She was a spy.

Understandably, the family had a lot of follow up questions. We went to Oklahoma to help them sort out the details and learn exactly what happened. How did Sarah go from being a young spy in Cuba to a wife and great-grandmother living in Muskogee, Oklahoma?

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Jakob Lewis founded Vox Familia because he loves gathering people together and telling their stories. Since 2013 he’s been interviewing and producing narratives for his award winning podcast Neighbors with Nashville Public Radio. He’s always been most interested in ordinary people—telling their stories with the goal of uncovering what connects us all.

Jakob lives in Nashville, TN with his wife, Catherine, and two dogs, Hobbes and Bagheera. He is a graduate of the Transom Story Workshop. In 2014 he founded the audio collective The Heard, a collective of podcast producers from all over North America with sound-rich narrative driven shows. His podcast Neighbors won the "Best Society and Culture Podcast" at Podcast Movement 2016. He was the 2018-2019 Oz Artistic Fellow, pushing his storytelling in new directions to make “Brave. New. Art.”


Our team wants to help people see the beauty of their family in a new light.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far do you travel?


Can we book you over Christmas?


What format will I receive my documentary in?


We can travel all over the lower 48 states of the US! Travel expenses are covered by the client for locations more than 1 hour from Nashville.


We do not travel during major holidays as we reserve those times for our employees to be with their own families. Holidays we don’t travel on are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day and New Year’s eve/day.


You will receive USB flash drives containing .mp3 files of your produced audio and unedited interviews. You will also have access to your story with a private, password protected website. In addition, you will receive a premium heirloom book with all the transcribed interviews.


What if I can’t get all my family members/people I want recorded to come to one location?


Does Vox Familia offer financing options?


What is a good time to schedule services?

There are a few options for family members who have difficulty traveling. For an additional cost, we can send a producer to them who will help us collect professional audio for our interview. We also have the option to conduct some interviews over the phone, however this is not preferred.


Many customers find it helpful to crowd-fund their projects with contributions from family and friends. If this is something you are interested in, we would be glad to help recommend some good services for this purpose.


Whenever is right for you. We have some suggestions though: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Retirement Parties, Weddings, Engagements, Births, Anniversaries of Passings, Family Reunions, Funerals, Bar/Bat mitzvahs, and Graduations.

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